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RSC Bicicletas solidarias
Jardines urbanos


We manage innovative CSR projects that seek to make a mark on society at the national level. We manage to impact from different areas of action such as childhood, the environment and hunger. We want to contribute our bit with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and their fulfillment by the year 2030. The goals pursue equality among PEOPLE, protect the PLANET and ensure PROSPERITY as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

Corporate social responsibility makes it possible for companies to generate value for all the interest groups that comprise it, by maximizing their contribution to sustainable development. Achieving a positive awareness that contributes to the profitability of the company and that at the same time creates social value and reduces environmental impact is not easy, it requires a great commitment and conviction on the part of senior managers and important cultural changes in the traditional way of doing things. In this process, innovation plays a crucial role not only because of the contribution it can make in terms of improving processes and products, but also because of the multiple benefits that promoting innovation and entrepreneurship environments brings to companies.

A sustainability strategy must be a fundamental part of the corporate culture of companies that want to be more efficient and profitable. They must seek strategies that guarantee the well-being of their employees, that minimize the impact on the environment in their operations and that contribute to the development of society.

According to the Seres Foundation in the VII Report on the social impact of companies, 96% of Spanish companies have developed nearly a thousand projects linked to the fight against Covid-19 in areas such as health and social welfare, education or strengthening the entities most affected by the pandemic. In total, it is estimated that they have benefited 10 million people in Spain.

Wendy’s ideas is your perfect partner to develop solidarity projects that impact society. On this page you will see just a few ideas, but we are striving every day to be powerful in three areas: childhood, hunger and the environment. If you have an idea in mind, an association you work with, a corporate volunteer group or you want to start reducing your carbon footprint, we talk and see how together we can do something for society.