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Rooftop hunt

Rooftop hunt

Madrid discover bird ‘s eye view is wonderful. We have a route through several strategic points so you can enjoy a relaxed day but with challenges to spend a few hours as fun. It is one of our activities for incentive groups preferred. After a day of meetings with colleagues enjoy a cozy and different environment. Remember that our activities always have a point of participation. It is not a simple and boring route. It’s a team building activity, to improve ties of the participants, to relax, to let stress out and compete with games with your colleagues.

Madrid is famous for its skies. Would you like to savour the city’s skyline and sunset? During our route we’ll let the group discover some of Madrid’s Rooftops and the city´s best highlights. Type of challenges: quiz, enigmas, interact with people … In the roadbook there are clues such as: «you have to go to a place famous for its…»  with the help of a map. And once there they to do the challenge, enjoy views and drink something. Each team go with one official guide all the time. While they go from rooftop to rooftop guides will also explain them about Madrid. In total 4 rooftops, under availability, with one soft drink included in each one.

We offer this activity in other cities such as Barcelona.

Example of venue: The CBA (Círculo de Bellas Artes) is one of the most important private cultural centres in Europe and is characterized by its open attitude towards outstanding innovative artistic trends. It is a multidisciplinary centre with activities ranging from visual art to literature, from science and philosophy to film and the performing arts.

The CBA was founded in 1880 thanks to the efforts of a small group of artists. It is a private, non-profit cultural institution, officially declared a ‘Centre for the Protection of the Fine Arts and of Public Interest’.

Competition is understandably rife in Madrid’s bar scene, with restaurants and pubs on every corner… We have decided to innovate and take a modern and exciting route… Rooftops! The only way is up!

We will split the group into smaller ones with a guide each one. They will visit 4 rooftops in total while learning about the city and sipping on a drink and taking in those spectacular views of the city… We can do it as a route or like a game. And ending at the same venue all the group together with a cocktail.

Group Size

15 – 100+

Time Needed

2 – 3 hours

Space Requirement

Open Air





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