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Photo rally

Photo rally

Each team proposes to discover Madrid equipped with a roadbook, a camera, scissors and glue to make a series of challenges.

The main objective is to answer the riddles of the journey log. Participants are divided into smaller groups and for 2 hours they will follow the clues and find the right answers, make good pictures … and put them in the most harmonious way possible in the journey log. So take a photo with a coherent image accessorized, draw a typical monument of the city, crop the photos to paste them into the book…

Faced with a variety of recreational and puzzle based challenges that will require teamwork, problem solving, communication and collaboration, teams will be challenged like never before to unlock the clues and crack the codes.

One by one teams will work their way through each challenge that is presented to them, drawing on each others strengths in order to succeed. Success is earned in the form of points, with the aim to earn as many  as possible of them in order to buy clues that will help them become victorious.

This activity is perfect for all types of participants as the activities are really well balanced and they allow for each person to be involved. Amongst being one of our most popular programs is a lot of fun and will no doubt become a talking point amongst your team for a very long time.

Group Size

15 – 100+

Time Needed

2 hours

Space Requirement

Open Air


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