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Ipad challenge

Ipad challenge

It is one of the favorite activities for team building. It stimulates teamwork, gets minds and active bodies, and gives participants the opportunity to see a little more of the city. Games, tests, take certain photos, questions, riddles … a very fun activity to know the city and your colleagues.

Using their iPads with geo-located system to locate, the teams launch themselves into a race against the clock to complete a series of fun challenges to get to know Madrid and its culture.

The rally allowed them to discover the most emblematic points of Madrid and they were able to unleash all their creativity in collaborative challenges.

Take pictures, find objects, use your creativity. Everyone on the team will have a chance to contribute! Carefully selected to blow the minds of your gamers, each mission is communicated through the tablet. This activity combines strategic thinking with original problem solving while seeing the city´s greatest landmarks in a funny way! Duration 90min-2h

Once briefed, teams of between 8 and 10 will set off around your location of choice, supplied with a tablet loaded with the GPS Challenge and location map. Teams need to navigate the map in order to find ‘hotspots’ where you must complete a range of tasks. Each completed activity will win you points.

With video challenges, creative photos, tasks, timed questions and quizzes to undertake, GPS Challenge will keep your teams engaged from start to finish.

Once all the activities have been completed, we’ll also send you a link, after the event, with all the great content for you and your team to enjoy time and time again!

This in one of our best sold team buildings in Madrid as it is a great way to discover the city on an incentive trip to Spain. We offer it also in other locations.

Group Size

15 – 100+

Time Needed

2 – 3 hours

Space Requirement

Open Air

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