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Human logo

Human logo

One of the best team building task, is a human logo building! All your colleagues will be a part of this highly responsible job! You will make your own logo by your self. You will have a lot of fun and, at the end, you will receive many vivid photo and video memories. A decorative wall with your human logo? Or your profile video in order to show how good your colleagues work as a team? Think about it and we will organize!

Creating the image of a new product in the market or the corporate logo of the company with the workers is a team building activity, as well as creative, very motivating and creating membership in a common project. When all the participants are in their positions, we will take photos from the air with a dron of last generation as well as a video that will remain for the collective memory. We know the measures and where they have to be placed to make it work, but the activity is that they have to organize themselves, which makes the day a super adventure.

Group Size

15 – 100+

Time Needed

2 – 4 hours

Space Requirement

The space needed depends on the size of your group. Your group will be split into teams and each game will require their own space.

This event can be held inside (think conference rooms or large lunch rooms) or outside.

Entertainment and laughter


Creative limits