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Crazy olimpic games

Crazy olimpic games

You’re sure to follow the Olympics with devotion to see if your country gets any medals. With this activity you and your team will become players of a somewhat different Olympics. What better than to go back to sporting a crazy Olympics, prepare to enjoy super fun activities and become an Olympic champion.

Teams are organized by teams. The activity will allow the promotion of teamwork, an improvement of the relations between the participants and the surpassing of the group to achieve the same final objective: to be the winners of these Crazy Olimpic Games.

Here’s your opportunity to harness all the excitement of the world’s greatest sporting events to energise and motivate your team, and bring people together.

Forget gruelling, intense outdoor physical challenges, which many of your team may not enjoy. We offer a totally creative alternative, with an exciting range of team tasks that culminate in head-to-head fun competition, which has been specifically designed to engage everyone.

Just like real sports teams, you will be constantly under the stopwatch. So, your preparation time must be spent effectively, time managed properly and quality controlled to win the points and scoop the medals.

The visually dynamic flags, emotionally-charged speeches and motivating anthems will be judged by our (or your) Committee.

Prepare now for the battle where passion and the ability to work together as a team will decide the winner.  Teams will compete in a series of fun challenges, which will further test participants to their creative limits. Bringing the Games to a tension-building close will be our signature finale ‘team relay’ contest. Quick reactions, focus and a steady hand will be essential to complete this team challenge against the clock!

With the last points added to the scoreboard and counted, prizes will be awarded in the closing ceremony. A rousing end to a fantastic team building activity!

Group Size

15 – 100+

Time Needed

2 – 4 hours

Space Requirement

The space needed depends on the size of your group. Your group will be split into teams and each game will require their own space.

This event can be held inside (think conference rooms or large lunch rooms) or outside.

Entertainment and laughter


Creative limits