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Your face sounds familiar

Your face sounds familiar

If you are up for a cheesy night of fun and laughter then you will love our Your face sounds familiar!

Individuals or groups perform adaptations of well known songs in front of the infamous panel of judges and audience (your colleagues), the talented few then compete in the hilarious show finale. The wining act will ultimately be decided by the audience.

Towards the end of the day the lights fade and the performance begins. Each performer is dressed up accordingly in rock star clothes and props provided by us.  Just like live band karaoke, the words appear on big flat screen TVs to help the singers remember the words and also to encourage the audience to sing along. When the bands starts playing, each team or solo artist gets to put their practice into action and perform like a rock star.

Extra: We can film the whole day is to give the now rock stars a tangible memory to take away with them. As a complete package, these are team building activities like nothing else on the market.

This unique team building experience provides a unifying, enjoyable and positive experience for corporate groups.  Our team building activities have been uniquely designed to build confidence and team morale. It is also important to note that the program has been designed to include both singers and non-singers thus indiscriminate of musical ability.

Professional AV
PA system, cordless microphones & speakers
Songs & lyrics

20pax - 100pax


Español, Inglés, Francés. Otros idiomas consultar.

100% creación propia

Conference room…

  • Cooperation
  • Group participation
  • Motivation
  • Funny
  • Competitive
  • Creativity