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Real Madrid adventure

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Real Madrid is one of our Madrid’s three professional football teams, together with Atletico de Madrid and Rayo Vallecano. Holder of multiple European and international titles, the club opens its doors 363 days a year for football and sports fans to explore its historic stadium, an absolute must on your trip to Madrid.

The Bernabeu Tour takes visitors around the club’s most iconic spots and shows them the stadium the way the authorities see it, from the Presidential Balcony; from the players’ perspective, from the pitch itself, and from the coach’s viewpoint, sitting in the heated ergonomic seats in the bench area. The tour route includes the players’ dressing rooms where few can resist having their photo taken next to their favourite player’s locker. The Bernabéu Tour explores the history of Real Madrid in the Trophies Exhibition, which houses the club’s trophy collection plus thousands of items that are part of its heritage, including shirts, balls, photographs and documents. In addition to the huge exhibition of paraphernalia, there are interactive screens showing fascinating audio-visual content like the ones in “The Best Club in History” room and in the “Sensaciones del Real Madrid” room, an exciting way of bringing the team’s history alive.

This team building activity is a 2 in 1 as you will visit the famous stadium and you will also have to solve some clues regarding an enigma concerning players of Real Madrid. Included ticket to the stadium.

Our challenge in the stadium will test individual skills, helping to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the group, while staying focused on the overall goals of cooperation, participation, and experiential learning while discovering the history of Real Madrid.

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