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Prado adventure

Prado adventure

The Prado Adventure teambuilding activity is an art-inspired event to corporates made from the wonderful galleries of the Prado Museum. This 2 hour team builder event combines strategy, time management, communication skills and plain old art appreciation. This indoor art-inspired team building program, makes your half day very special.

Teams use detailed maps while interacting with the museum pieces and artwork searching for clues that will help them break the mysterious Cryptex Code. Your sleuths must first navigate to the right piece of artwork, then detect the correct answer within each piece.

There are plenty of twists and turns along the way! Brimming with intrigue and friendly competition, the program brings history to life. The indoor nature of this team building event makes it a perfect choice any time of year.

During the tour, they are accompanied by an official guide, who will give them information and tell curious stories about the paintings.

Each track in the roadbook will take them to an emblematic painting of the museum.

The climax occurs when a team finally gets to open the chest itself. This grand opening can take place within the museum, at a nearby restaurant, or at your meeting.

20pax - +100pax


Español, Inglés, Francés. Otros idiomas consultar.

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• Team interaction
• Participation
• Art
• Fun
• Cultural
• Motivation
• Communication