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Chain reaction

Chain reaction

Designing and developing a series of simple machines, teams will embark on a creative collaborative experience unleashing the ultimate Chain Reaction!

Faced with the challenge of creating a series of complex machines and contraptions, teams will develop a common vision, a shared goal, and bring to life a series of cascading inventions!

This hands on, all action, table-based, this indoor team building activity will challenge teams to find out what teamwork is all about. With each team provided a series of unique and interesting resources, their ultimate challenge is to create a table-based domino effect.

Also teams must find a way to link their various stations together in a collaborative finale which reveals the importance of communication, planning, and the power of working together!

This activity emulates a project as teams must do it by limited time and resources. Teams have to test all the circuit in the planning phase as the design is divided into small segments. Working on problem solving, creativity and communication skills teams must work together effectively in the design phase to create a realistic scope. The build and testing phases require co-ordination not only between teams, but between distinct technical skills and project management strategies. Chain Reaction transforms thinking, motivates towards excellence and ensures everyone is engaged.

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Español, Inglés, Francés. Otros idiomas consultar.

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• Team interaction
• Participation
• Activate
• Fun
• Energy
• Motivation
• Communication