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Sangria workshop

Sangria workshop

During our workshop we will discover the history of Sangria in Spain, as we prepare ingredients to make three different sangrías.

Using locally produced wine and seasonal ingredients, we teach you how to prepare 3 tasty jugs of sangria.

We explain the history of several Spanish tapas to accompany the sangria: Olives, «pan con tomate» (country style bread with tomato that we make together), cured ham «jamon serrano» and Spanish cheese.

We can tailor it as a team building activity, but the idea is to learn and  taste not with a competition. We will divide the group into different teams, showcase/demo how to prepare the classic sangria. We will also prepare a white Sangria and a creative new sangria.

This activity is guided by an expert in sangria preparation. This expert will demonstrate the different steps that need to be done to elaborate the sangria correctly (don’t think it is that easy…). An incentive activity in Madrid ready for your group!

20pax - +100pax


Español, Inglés, Francés. Otros idiomas consultar.

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