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Flamenco show

Flamenco show

Original from Andalucía, Spain, flamenco is the result of a cultural miscegenation: gypsy, Arab, Christian and Jewish. Nowadays flamenco is appreciated and practiced around the world. Flamenco is distinguished by its arm movements, fierce shoes, deep groans and strumming guitar, also having its own traditions and rules. And in 2010, Unesco declared flamenco the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

We offer for yor Corporate event Traditional or contemporary fusion shows with dancers, singers and live musicians (guitarists, cajon and more). The show’s format is adapted to the needs of the event, also we can invite the public to participate in an introduction to rhythm and dance activity.

A dancing couple, a singer, a guitarist-singer and a percussionist-singer with a cajon can be one option, but we can offer more or less. To greet guests on their arrival, we propose a welcome service composed of female dancers wearing traditional Flamenco dresses and male dancers characterised as bullfighters.

Las ideas de Wendy has an extensive experience in private events, corporate parties, galas and trade fairs. Also we can provide all the technical requirements: sound equipment with lighting, wooden platforms for dancers, technical supervision, transportation and installation included.