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Toy factory

Toy factory

In this charity event we start with games to get the necessary materials. We managed to create a team among all for a common social purpose. The enthusiasm to create toys for children in an unfavorable situation will create a work environment that will last over time.

In the hotel room, between meetings, it is a great activity to create a cooperative work environment. On the table of each team we leave some pieces of the toys.
We collaborate with different associations and NGOs, but you decide to whom it is donated and if you can come with us at the time of the donation.

See your colleagues unite and dedicate their talent to producing toys for disadvantaged youngsters

Whether positioned in a conference breakout session or the company workplace, Toy Factory is a flexible and new approach to teambuilding that upholds a community conscience.

Provided with a mixed bag of whacky wooden parts teams are challenged to combine components and produce a range of high quality children’s toys. Three-dimensional blueprints guide participants through the process and detail a whole gamut of toy designs.

Out here on the leading edge of corporate team building, we’re delighted to see the snowballing popularity of our company charity events. Toy Factory takes a proven winner of a company charity event and dresses it up warmly for the holiday season. There’s no better time to demonstrate healthy corporate citizenship and give something meaningful back to your community.

Your group works together in small teams assembling and/or decorating quality toys to be given to children in real need.

And who receives your team’s handiwork? Local charity associations, patients at a local children’s hospital, …trust us, there’s no shortage of kids who will treasure a gift from you and your associates. For even greater positive impact, you might choose to present your gifts in person. It all makes for a uniquely moving experience that boosts morale while imparting a greater sense of purpose within your ranks.

Group Size

15 – 100+

Time Needed


Space Requirement

Each team should have about 25 square feet of open space. Can be indoors (think: conference room or ballroom) or outdoors!

  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Community Involvement
  • Motivation
  • Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Friendly Competition
  • Nature
  • Social Interaction
  • Relationship Building
  • Networking