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Clean forest

Clean forest

This corporate CSR program includes beach cleaning, community cleaning and natural habitat restoration where they will learn about the protection and preservation of our parks, mountains, beaches, coasts and natural beauty that we all enjoy and appreciate! We have several areas, depending on the city in which the participants are located, to go in search of the waste and leave the area clean.

Our objective with this CSR activity is to contribute to the fight against desertification, improving forests and green spaces. Climate change is a fact and we must all contribute to its reversal. We carry out environmental education, conservation and forest restoration activities, as well as reforestation. The latter can be done in an open space, or if you have less time and do not want to take a bus, as we move to the space where you find them. We turn outdoor activity into indoor.

It may seem that the forests, the beaches … are not so dirty that you have to do a team building activity like this one. But unfortunately, things are not like that. Every time we have carried out this activity, the participants are surprised by the amount of cans, plastics, bags, … that people leave in public spaces. It is as simple as keeping what you no longer need until you find a bin or container where to deposit it. But many times, people find it easier to throw it on the ground. We are not going to carry out a cleaning that public professionals would have to do, we are going to be in contact with nature, to feel part of it. To see first hand the damage we are doing, to become aware, to breathe fresh air and to collaborate in leaving it better than we found it when we arrived.

This journey of social responsibility connects us with the environment and with ourselves. We will realize everything that man is doing to nature and how easy it is to reverse it on a day-to-day basis. We wait for you! We can carry out this social activity in both beach and mountain cities.