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Online cooking contest

Online cooking contest

Surely you have done a cooking workshop with your colleagues, where the one who does not cut, decorate, peel or at least taste the food. In our online activity you will have to cook by yourself.

Team motivation is now more necessary than ever, we need to be connected, even if we don’t see each other in the office, to feel that everything is the same. With this online cooking contest.

They will have to use the utensils they have at home. We can send the necessary ingredients in surprise boxes or they will provide them on their own. We can do a free contest where each one will make a dish or all participants can make the same dish. We will have to trust you about the flavor!

So to get the prize, what will prevail is going to be: the scene of how each one tastes their dish at home, being creative and presenting it.

It is a team building activity with lots of fun and guaranteed laughter.

20pax - 100pax


Español, Inglés, Francés. Otros idiomas consultar.

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