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The office

The office

This teamwork activity in its broadest sense is a dynamic that encourages cooperation and problem solving. First you will have to design the plan having clear the dimensions and the distribution of your office before taking the cement.

To do this, you will have to debate and reach agreements on how that building is going to be and why you do it this way and not otherwise. This dynamic gives managers clues about how their employees would like their workplace to be.

We can get creative and imagine game rooms, yoga rooms, luxurious bathrooms … the good thing is that creativity has no limit. Of course, everything we want has to be captured first in a plan and then in the building.

You don’t have to be architects, but we are going to become nice bricklayers for a day. If we have enough time we can paint and decorate, leaving a wonderful masterpiece as a souvenir of the day. Let’s do it!