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Puzzle painting

Puzzle painting

For this unique team building exercise we will custom design a mural composed of many canvases. Participants will paint each own their own canvas. The canvases come together to create a complete design of your choosing.  At the end of the exercise the instructor will facilitate the mural’s assembly. Like this can be at your office!

We like to encourage creativity with our group dynamics. We offer the graffiti activity as an outdoor team building option. And the one that we are going to show you below can be done both indoors and outdoors.

The Puzzle painting activity can in turn be approached from the point of view of a painting workshop: the whole team reproduces the same painting. Or from the point of view of a team. That is, the participant’s canvas or canva will be just a grid of the painting. That is, they will paint a portion of the total. So communication and teamwork will be basic if we want the image to be perfect when all the canvases are put together.

The image or logo to be painted will be chosen in advance. We can add text, whatever you want. Some clients take advantage of the artwork and hang it in their offices, while others take their canvas home instead. We will provide all the necessary materials and cleaning products to cover the surfaces and make everything as clean as it was. Our teacher will guide you step by step to create a unique piece with the union of the canvases painted by all. This indoor team building activity is great for creativity and improving communication.

Artwork will be chosen in advance from our gallery. Team members will get a  canvas and will be guided step-by-step by our skills artist to create their very own masterpiece.