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Housekeeping Olimpic games

Housekeeping Olimpic games

In this hilarious activity for large groups, fun is more than guaranteed. It is made up of small competitions such as making the bed in a given time, vacuum cleaner races, quick cooking classes, cleaning… where each team will fight to be the best friends at home. With the robe on and to the rhythm of “I want to break free” by Queen, discover the potential of your partner and your own in these delusional House Olympics.

With this feminist team building activity we promote the feeling of cooperation within the family unit; we all must know how to do everything! Now you just have to prove it to your teammates. And if you are not quite good at a housework, you will have to do your best and take note so that next year you will be the best. Motivation is what moves the participants in this playful day.

With limited time and very different functions, you are going to laugh out loud as you see how the human resources man does not know how to thread a needle and the accounting one has not cooked in his life. But all from a mutual help point of view, because there is no one who is good at everything. We work on different personal aspects and we will leave the activity with a rush.

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