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Gastro experience

Gastro experience

The group is divided into teams and different activities are carried out in which they will have to test their sensory skills, their knowledge and intuition, as well as their ability to work as a team. Our experts offer a complete and entertaining informative exhibition about the peculiarities of the products to be tasted and the guidelines to follow during the sensory tasting experience. Training tastings may be included.

They will have to organize themselves internally and prepare to face each season with games, blind tastings and a series of related tests: tests of dexterity, intuition, sensory capacity, taste memory and fun tests where they can put what they have learned into practice. The members of each team must coordinate to pass the greatest number of tests and with the highest score.

This gastro experience is carried out as a journey through various stations, through which they pass successively and where a sense is worked with one or more products (wines, beers, spirits, sparkling wines, oil, cheeses, chocolate, aromas, etc.) of tasting with the help of an ipad.

This dynamic activity is an incredible experience for the 5 senses. The blind tasting appeals to our senses and strengthens our understanding. We use this type of activity both to strengthen the bonds between your team members and to test our understanding and adaptation to new situations.

We propose a wide range of very special, fun, educational and unique gourmet experiences, ideal as an incentive, coaching activity, team building or complement to any business trip, seminar, corporate meeting or event. Gastronomy as a transmission channel in your communication and public relations actions allows you to associate your product, service or company with a multitude of values ​​and concepts that are attractive to your client.