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Fashion week

Fashion week

In this team building activity your creativity, patience and staging will be encouraged after teamwork. Each group will have to develop a brand and create a mini clothing collection. That is, first we have the corporate part of creating a logo and what type of audience we are going to address. Then we will get to work to design, cut and make the garments. And finally, the most daring will have the possibility to parade as famous models in front of their colleagues wearing their creations.

It is a work of cooperation, group effort and result that you are going to share in a certain time, so organization and effort will be very important during the day. Some will prefer women’s clothing, others for children, others party clothes, of different styles, combinations and fabrics. Surely more than one has followed the famous TV show where at one time they have to design a garment. Wendy’s Ideas gives the contest a spin to make it more fun and with team building components.

You do not need to know about patterns or sewing, everything is designed to be easy for all audiences. We are waiting for these fashion designers!

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