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Cocktails competition

Cocktails competition

Learn how to shake, mix and prepare different cocktails in a competition where only the best will achieve glory. Relaxed and fun atmosphere where everyone will contribute their bit. For many years this indoor activity has been one of the most demanded for team building. Currently our clients ask us to combine them with creative smoothies or without alcohol.

Do you want to create a corporate cocktail? Each team will investigate with different drinks and ingredients until they present to the jury a “drinkable” option that incorporates what the company transmits to them. We will value the flavor and of course the presentation, so creativity will be very important.

And you must give your creation a name and choose one of the team to defend it before the jury Another option is to make classic and not so classic cocktails by giving them a twist and presenting them to a contest. While the participants learn to design and prepare cocktails, values ​​such as teamwork, communication or leadership are promoted.

First we will give you a brief introduction to the cocktails with which we are going to work. We will form the teams creating a captain and you will organize the work as you consider best. The first thing is to agree on what type of drink you want to work, for this, negotiating with a partner will be key because not all of us like the same drink. There you have the first obstacle to solve and from there every detail will be a reason to meet and all reach an agreement together. Hilarious indoor activity is the classic cocktail contest as a team building activity that never disappoints.