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El Escorial

El Escorial

The story says that there are two entrances to hell and that these entrances are closed by doors.

One of those entrances is in Italy, in Turin, and the other, precisely in El Escorial.

That is why King Felipe II ordered the construction of the Monastery on top of the gate of hell to act as a stopper.

That is why the king hid his most important treasures in this famous town of Madrid.

He was obsessed with the Philosopher’s Stone and used alchemists to find it.

For this reason he collected in the great library of the monastery, a large number of treatises related to this mysterious science, as well as literature on magic and astrology.

But the story goes, that he got said treasure and many other secrets that he would hide throughout the Escorial territory.

He discovers with us the legends that surround the Monastery of El Escorial with our actors and the challenges that we have prepared.

You will never see El Escorial in the same way!

You travel with us to the most important towns near Madrid to discover its history in a fun and gamified way.