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Violín láser

Violín Láser

A vital component in our performances is light. The way in which we achieve this is by incorporating LEDs in the violin and the violinist’s clothing, in an elegant way and being able to match the colors to the decoration of the event.

The LEDs we offer can change color, and even be synchronized to the music or the event’s lighting programming, thanks to wireless DMX technology. This way you are sure that no one will miss the performance!

In the middle of the performance, 2 lasers will suddenly appear at each end of the violinist’s bow, surprising and impressing the guests … They will not believe what they are seeing!

The violinist’s performance includes an LED outfit and choreography with lasers coming out of both ends of the bow, which will have a greater effect in wide venues, since this laser can measure up to 12 meters … or even more!